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Ever wondered on how you could volunteer and still have time to travel and explore the country? Our volunteer programs might be just for you. Submerge yourself in the culture from the sights, sounds, smells, food, people and clothing.
Going on a trip to visit our WECO Uganda projects is an amazing experience. Whether you are wanting to organize a trip with your local community or schools, your life will be forever changed. If you have a group of 10 or more interested in traveling with We Everyone's Child Orphans - Contact us today!
On a We Everyone's Child Orphans (WECO) Uganda trip, you will visit the WECO Home, take part in local outreaches by serving the surrounding communities, play and help provide education at our children's school. Broaden your worldview through a genuine culture experience, create new friendships that last a lifetime.

Volunteer | Travel Checklist

Step 1

We require all visitors to fill out the Volunteer Application Form so that we can learn more about you!

Step 2

Want more details about traveling to Uganda? Download the WECO Uganda Visitors Guide so that we can learn more about you!

Step 3

Before visiting We Everyone's Child Orphans / WECO, please apply for your travel tourist Visa by clicking the link below. If you need help - Let us know! http//:visas.immigration.go.ug

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Go Teach | TRIP

Go Teach Trip The aim of this trip is to contribute to the development of under-resourced schools and increase opportunities for Ugandan students from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive a quality education. Teaching in Uganda is a rewarding experience and although the students may have experienced tough upbringings, you will discover that they are extremely polite, cheerful and eager to learn.
If you’re someone who is passionate about education, cross-cultural exchange and using creative methods to inspire others to learn, this Trip is a great option for you. As a teaching volunteer in Uganda, you will be placed in a our children's school where you will be working alongside local teachers. Please note that schools in Uganda run for 3 terms per year and the Teaching project will not operate during the school holiday periods. During the holidays, volunteers switch to another available WECO project, such as Childcare. School Holidays: 4th May - 26th May 24th August - 15th September 30th November - 2nd February

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WECO Help Stay | TRIP

WECO Help Stay | TRIP Uganda has an extremely high number of children living in poverty and many of these children have lost one or both of their parents as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The purpose of the WECO Help Stay Trip is to provide support to our under resourced center that is providing care to children within poor communities.
If you’re someone who loves working with children and is happy to provide support wherever your assistance is most needed, you will be well suited to this project. As a volunteer on this project, you will work within in our day care center, nursery school, children’s home and kindergarten to assist our local staff in the day-to-day running of these center and ensuring they operate effectively.
Activities vary across the different centers with typical tasks including educational activities and basic teaching of English, Math, Health/Hygiene, Reading and Writing. Other activities include play therapy and games, cleaning, reading stories, dancing, singing, arts and crafts, as well as assisting with feeding and daily chores. As you will be volunteering alongside our local placement staff, you do not need to have previous childcare experience to participate on this project but high energy levels and a willingness to help out wherever your help is most needed is a must.

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Books and Sports | TRIP

Book and Sports | TRIP As a volunteer on trip in Uganda, you will be placed in our children's schools to assist with Physical Education classes and other sporting activities. This project is designed to provide students with personal development and team-building opportunities outside of the classroom in a fun and supportive environment. This project is well suited to sports enthusiasts who are passionate about supporting the development of children. When volunteering on this project, you can expect to follow the school curriculum and teach the topics scheduled for that term, however you are also welcome to introduce new sports if you bring or purchase the required resources and equipment. Football (soccer) is the most common sport in Uganda, however the children love learning new sports and you are welcome to share your favorite sports from home. It is important to note that you are required to teach other classes during your placement, such as Math, English, Science or Social Studies. You will be teaching these general classes in the morning and then the sport classes in the afternoon. There is also a soccer club where you will help teach children from the community who do not attend school, as their carers cannot afford to send them. The volunteer work at the soccer club involves teaching soccer, team-building and other social skills to provide learning opportunities to the children in a safe and supportive environment. This project is open to all volunteers and prior experience in Sport Education is not required to participate. Please note that because the Book and Sports Trip is predominantly run in schools, the project will not operate fully during the school holiday periods. V olunteers can still attend the soccer club which still runs over the school holidays and generally more children attending over these periods. In the schools, the final term of the year focuses less on Physical Education and more on studying other subjects in preparation for the end of year exams. During these times, volunteers will be placed on a holiday project run by our local team, or you can supplement your volunteer work with another project. Material Donations like balls, shoes, jerseys are highly appreciated on this trip towards supporting the community soccer club.

School Holidays:
5th December - 5th February
7th May - 28th May
27th August - 17th September
10th December - 4th February

Volunteer Program Costs

Length of Program & Costs

1 week $137
2 weeks $237
3 weeks $337
4 weeks $437
5 weeks $537

Program Fee Covers

24/7 in-country support
Airport pick-up
Program orientation
Volunteer placement
Accommodation & Meals

What extra costs will I have?

Visa, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check, souvenirs, in-country trips or tours.
Transfer back to the airport at conclusion of the program
Spending money - Volunteers in Uganda generally find US$50 to be sufficient for weekly expenses

Weekends and Travel

There is no shortage of things to do in Masaka or further afield in Uganda, so volunteers can fill their free time with safaris, adventurous activities, markets or simply exploring parts of the local town. Uganda is a popular tourist location for gorilla trekking as well as game safaris and bird-watching. There are beautiful national parks and great opportunities for adventure activities such as white water rafting. Volunteers staying for longer durations, or who wish to travel before or after their program, can visit areas further afield in Uganda and neighboring countries such as Kenya and Tanzania.
See our partner Safari Vacations Africa page for more volunteer travel options in Uganda!