Until every child gets love

Let’s create a miracle for them Help Build a Home

Become a volunteer

Volunteering at WECO Uganda is about giving Love, Uplifting Life and Empowering the young minds to be the best they can be: We Seek volunteers with a heart to serve and support Children.

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Happy Giving

Your monthly donation of $25 per month is changing the life of a child in Uganda and they are relying on you to stay committed to them and provide them with education until they graduate.

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One small Act: Starts a Limple of Change. Together with your support, we can continue creating a better world for children. Your Donation supports life at WECO through Home and School Suplies.

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Giving is Virtue.

Your Heartful and countless Love and Support for needy children is worthy 1000 Smilies in thier simple Hearts.


Hope is being able to see that is light despite all of the darkness. We all have the power to give hope. When you donate to We Everyone’s Child Orphans (WECO) Uganda, you give hope. You help return a life changing family to children and give them comfort knowing they are safe.

The soul is healed by being with children

We value the rights of every child and strive to offer opportunities to vulnerable children through humanitarian services and love. As we spend more time with children, we become more simplistic in not only the way we view the world but also the way we serve and love others as we reach out to them one by one.


Believing that no child is ever lost, Every person is valuable, all people are worthy of love, we are everyone’s child. We believe when we come together we can build a sustainable children’s village

Our Gallery

We go the distance to bring smiles that shine bright because giving a child a smile to wear is priceless.

Our Dearest Suppoters

With the support and Dearest hearts of our freinds below.


“She is a mother of two grown children, people say she’s outing with skills for inner peace (yoga), and curious. She lives in Sweden. Martina has always had a heart and love for children, while on her trip in Uganda she had the opportunity to visit our orphanage. While there she was shocked to see the many children roaming the streets, with no supervision. ”


“During her externship as a nurse through a volunteer program, she was accommodated by a Ugandan host family where she was befriended by her neighbours and children. Captivated by their backgrounds and stories of resilience, Heather began to envision a future where they too are provided with the opportunity to make goals and dreams a reality. ”


“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. I just try to help where I can and use my knowledge of medicine hihi ☺ so happy it is recieved well, I think it’s really nice what you are doing, and the kids are anyways so much better at your place as when they would be on the street: I support We Everyone's Child Orphans (WECO) Uganda mission + Vision.”

Dr. Fluksie ELSA: Netherlands

Our WECO Children's Project

Below is a simple glimpse of our different Present and Future projects

Phase I: WECO Children's Home

This is our missions' base which houses the Organisation Directors, Volunteers, plus Children who are unable to live at their homes due to several reasons plus those who have no place to call home.

Phase II: WECO Junior School

Education provides the most sustainable human capital for gainful employment and a key determinant in the successful rehabilitation of most former destitute children: Hence WECO Junior School.

Phase III: WECO Medical Clinic

This phase of the Village will be a basis for acurate, accessible and Specialised Health services not only to Children at the center and the Staff but also the community around the Village.

Meet the Children

We may not be biologically related, but we are Farmily


No Child is ever lost:

Can’t believe how big Swabie is. No one knows where Swabie comes from. As a toddler she was found crying and abandoned in front of our home gate, on the morning of 16th August 2018. She was dying as she was malnourished due to poor feeding from where she was. For the last months, she has been an inspiration to all the staff, volunteers and children at We Everyone’s Child Orphans (WECO) Uganda.


Every person is valuable:

We work hand in hand with the local leaders to provide all our children their basic rights and access to equal chances in life. We can’t do that without targeting the vulnerable and marginalize. It was that day when we were called for a rescue of a little boy who was found sucking a dead mum breast. Today he is 9years old under the care and protection of We Everyone’s Child Orphans (WECO) Uganda.


No Child is ever lost:

We are a home of hope where everyone feels safe. Latifa is one of the kiddies who have just join our home protection and care. She was brought in by her own mother who wished to see her growing in a safe place, full of love and hope promising to always come back and check on her. Latifa's mum has never showed up again since then, her contacts are off. Latifa has now found her new family with us.